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rose colored glasses

I have this theory about the stages of friendship as it relates to our homes...

Often times when we first meet new people, we greet and visit with them on our front porches or lawns. It's safe - casual - a place to get to know someone else without getting too personal or revealing too much. And some friendships/acquaintances stay there.

When you are prepared to open the door a little further, you may invite them in - usually into your living/family room. There you may comfortably get to know one another in a somewhat controlled environment. Personal affects are exposed though: decorating style, photos, and life's debris. You can learn alot about someone just by stepping into his/her home...

You know a relationship has made some transformation when you begin to hang out in the kitchen. It's the place to gab - to share dirt - to advise!  I feel like, other than your bedroom, the kitchen is the window into a family's soul (okay, maybe a slight overstatement (C:). At least for me, the kitchen represents the pulse of the home. It is the most common area for a family - so much takes place there - that it gauges and takes on the energy of its inhabitants. It's a most natural place for close friends to converge.

The attic is where nostalgia and memory lane reside - a fun excursion for closer friends.

And the basement - for this analogy lets just call it the cellar - is most definitely where the skeletons and darker aspects of life are stored. But sometimes you just have to go down there. And when you do, it is a truly great friend that will offer to hold your hand or shine the flashlight....

So...thanks for hanging with me on this one - it pretty much describes my concept of the levels of friendship. Thankfully LiveJournal has provided us with the awesome gift of "Filters" - a great way of managing privacy and just how close we let people into our worlds.

With all that being said, Welcome to my front porch! I have been posting more public entries lately, so stay here if you wish.

....Or just drop me a line if you'd like to "come in". I promise I won't drag you to the basement just yet. Ha! ; )