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rose colored glasses


I have wanderlust. Last night I dreamt that I could choose where I would find myself geographically when I stepped out my front door. Want to stroll through Paris and find a little café to perch at? Get going. Want to meander through Tuscan vineyards, sit on a dock in Greece or get lost amidst a bajillion people in Tokoyo? You're there. How freaking cool would that be?

In my dream, I opened the door to a rural European village. Interesting that my mind had a chance to wander anywhere and somehow I STILL found myself on the outskirts of town!

I've often wished I could teletransport so I could pop in on my entirely too long distance peeps or take a day trip to far off lands. Sometimes I am overcome by the desire to get the heck out of Dodge! *I also have a reoccurring daydream of timetravel, but that's another post ; )*

Isn't it magical when our dreams ferry us elsewhere? 

So. Where would you go? Close your eyes. And just dream...