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rose colored glasses

The Comfort of Old


There are few things I love more than poking around antique stores and flea markets. I think I just find great comfort in old things. I delight in spying timeless treasures and daydreaming of their previous homes and owners.

Last week I went a' hunting for some kind of table or stand to replace a folding dinner tray we were using as a "catch-all" next to our couch. And I hit pay-dirt. I picked up this charismatic little table.

Then I had a great idea to find some vintage postcards to frame and display during the respective holidays. Cheap, Festive, tasteful and easy to store. Yay!

I absolutely adore these. They just feel like warm cozy blankets to me. They give off good vibes. I think they are going to stay out for a while longer.  : ]  They are each postmarked '1911' on their backs. How cool is that?!


Oh, good grief! That table! Is that a find as well? Please tell me you paid a hundred dollars for it, so I can feel less disappointed that I didn't find it. Hahaha Just teasing, ;)
Oh I know, that table is love! Yep, it was the find of the day - $28.50!