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rose colored glasses



Today was the sunniest most gloriously warm and perfect day. I was seriously giddy. I mean, I actually had butterflies. Summer is on its way! I really must have a Vitamin D deficiency to be so swayed by sunlight (and unfortunately swayed the other way by lack thereof). : p

Sunlight. Reminds me of my boy "Edward". Anyone else here with me?..... Please tell me I am not alone! This is so embarrassing. Hi. My name is Sherra and I am a Twilight addict. There. I said it.

(artwork designed by smirks-works )

I can't help myself. It takes me back to the giddiness of fresh virgin love. As in, my (sixteen year old) heart has never felt like this before. It's all good; I totally got my husband hooked too. ha! ; )